Association for preventive work with children youths and their families

15 July 2013

Our Mission and Vision

Vision: We are helping our community through active participation of all citizens.

Mission: To help individuals to develop leadership capacities and to put them in their daily practice for the benefit of all community.

The organization is formed in 1998 for the realization of the "Street children/children on the street” program, supported by the World Bank, the Soros Foundation and King Baudouin Foundation of Belgium.

Registered on January 13, 2000, when continued the implementation of the project, with support of Unicef and Child Hope charity organization in England.

After completing this project, the organization implemented several projects for psycho-social support to vulnerable displaced groups and projects that reflect the multiethnic character of the state. The organization realized manyresearches and analysis of the achieved project results. Also, participated in the creation and facilitate the activities of several other associations of citizens.

As a result of many years of work, the organization is owner of two shortdocumentary films as part of related projects: “Karaorman 111, street without number” and “A new model for conflict resolution in schools with multi ethnic environment”.

The organization is a member of the Global Network of the United Nations, the European Social Action Network (ESAN) and the International Network of Street Newspapers (INSP). As member of the last, the organization is publishing the street paper ULICA (

Registration number: 13/2000


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