Social program to reduce poverty and unemployment

- Social outreach
- Vocational trainings
- Campaigns to raise awareness

-Various services to help marginalized people

Program Leadership and Democracy


- School of Leadership and Democracy
- Camps
- Study visits
- Sporting workshops / competitions in Floor ball/ Innebandy
- Youth in Action


- National

Member of national umbrella organization, GPM.

The organization cooperates with many local and national organizations.





Member of the Global Compact of the United Nations, the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) andthe European Social Action Network(ESAN)

The King Gustaf the Vth 90 Anniversary Foundation and Unga Ornar from Sweden are partners for project implementation.


- Cooperation with national and international organizations through: conferences, study visits, projects

Educational Fund Felix

- Small grants for the Roma community
- Small grants for Young Leaders


- Fundraising activities: Organization of exhibitions, Printing of the greeting cards, Organization of the charity parties, Silent auction