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Educational Fund Felix

Roma Children Educational Fund


Roma children educational fund was formed in year 2000.

The work of the Fund is directly aimed towards increasing awareness and approach of the Roma people about education, increasing the awareness in the community about the questions regarding Roma people as a community and marginalized group in our society.

The aim of the Fund is to continue giving support in education of Roma children, and contribution in sustainability to the activities of the NGO Group Felix.

The Fund is providing school books, school materials, scholarships and financial support for the children from Roma nationality, receiving and distributing clothes, shoes and medicine for the target group.  

The work of the Fund is supported by the Campaign: “I want to learn, I want to be…” that includes different fundraising activities like: silent auction, traditional exhibition and selling of New Year’s greeting cards. All financial income from selling these things, will go directly back into Fund, and then be used for the Roma children in the educational system.


The prize of the cards is 30 denars or 0.5 euros each.

For making the work of the Fund more transparent, on initiative from Group Felix, there is advisory board formed with aim to control and managing with the work of the Fund. The Chairman of this advisory board is the Mayor of Bitola.

The future of the fund is build through strengthening the cooperation with private business sector and with all of those who gave support to the work, mission and the strategy of NGO Group Felix.

Bank account number: : 500-0000001934-45, Stopanska Banka a.d Bitola