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Street Paper - Ulica

Street Paper - Ulica

Project Title:

Socialization and integration Program





Policies and actions that promote sustainable livelihood, antipoverty policy and social integration of vulnerable groups



I.  Summary:

The street paper program is a program for tackling the poverty among unemployed people.  The program will have impacts on three levels: It provides a legal source of income to the vendors, it strengthens the capacities and skills of the vendors and enables them to find a job, and it rises the awareness of the Local government, Institutions and broader community about the challenges and needs of recipients of social welfare.

The program is working at the core of the problem of unemployment in the Republic of Macedonia: Its goal is to change the people’s perception of their situation – the vendors shall stop looking at themselves as victims who have to be taken care of, but rather start seeing themselves as active citizens who take up their own destinies in their hands.

It is important to the vendors that they find an additional, legal income through the selling of the ULICA. This is the primary idea of the street paper project. However, what is even more important about this project is that the vendors start to do something, become active, and try to resolve their problems themselves. This is why we stress the importance of the socialization program as an essential, if not the core part of the ULICA program.

ULICA is a member of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP,





In the R. of Macedonia the official percentage of unemployed people is 30%.Over 40% of unemployed wait for a job more than 5 years, and 75% look for job for a first time.

In the structure of unemployed dominate young people as well as workers without qualifications and people with lack of working experience.

So, the conclusion would be that the high level of unemployment in Macedonia is not only as consequence of losing jobs in the process of restructuring (according to World Bank it is only 20% from total).

These facts lead to conclusion that the unemployment in Macedonia is not a problem connected only with losing jobs, but it is problem connected with obstacles to go in the labor market (the market is not flexible).











Total index









Index ofdeepness ofpoverty











Index of  sharpness of poverty









Source: State agency for statistics, 13.07.2005

Method of calculation: The line of poverty is calculated as 70% of average equivalent consume.

Government activities

-   Action plan for employment, 2001, based on European regulations, Government, Syndicate, managers, emphasized cooperation with NGO sector)

-   National strategy for decreasing of poverty, 2002, based on consultations with representatives of citizens that live in poverty, service providers and policy makers).

With ULICA program we offer a solution to the problem through human development activities, strengthening peoples’ capacities making them to sell their knowledge and skills on the market or to open family/small businesses. We want to encourage citizens to become active themselves in improving their economical and social situation  rather than wait for the government to do so.


-Are representatives of the families that are users of family social financial help and unemployed citizens whose family income is less than 6000 denars ( one hundred euros)

-Are aged over 18 ( advantage to those from 18 to 35 years old, otherwise, not limited )
- Are interested in taking active participation in the project/program activities

- Are interested in sharing experiences, and

- Are able to attend for the full duration of the activity

- Have signed the “Distributor’s statement”

- Have accepted the “Distributor’s rules”


1. Printing and selling of the street paper

The street paper magazine represents ideas of an open civic society at a relatively wide scope: human rights, social issues, health, and culture. ULICA will represent a social magazine that combines various genres and forms in order to provide valuable information as well entertainment.That general setting is to secure its marketability, which is necessary for the realization of the everyday activities of its distributors. Also, next is to maintain a border of serious journalism and specific content mission of that periodical.

Socialization program, which includes:

  • Vendor workshops
  • Street work and counseling
  • Vendors’ club
  • vendors vocational trainings

- Campaignis meant to influence the policy of poverty eradication of Local Government, Institutions and Business sector and citizens who will by the street paper.

- Fundfor giving financial help to 500 euros for initiating small private businesses.